The Institute for Performance and Learning (formerly CSTD) is a Canadian association focused on learning and performance in the workplace. September was Learn at Work month and this is an important topic that in today’s fast paced business world is often disregarded or put on the back burner.

Learning and continuous improvement is essential to our future success. The power of knowledge is insurmountable as it helps to facilitate a deeper understanding of the world and also assists in seeing the world from a different point of view. In a time where social media and technology are at the forefront, it is important to make time to learn new things and use all the readily available resources at our fingertips.

These days the world of work is changing at an accelerated rate. Current knowledge is changing faster than ever so we are no longer able to learn and master one thing to use it for a lifetime. It’s important to acknowledge the importance of continuous learning to help enhance your personal and professional development and ultimately the success of your organization. After receiving a degree or diploma most people are done learning and feel ready for the world of work.

Continuous learning can be a key component in your career and personal success. The ability to constantly grow your knowledge and skill set can prove to be very valuable. By not expanding your knowledge and skill set on the organizational front as well as on your personal front, you put yourself in a position to fall behind especially in today’s fast paced business world. Learning throughout your life can benefit you in many ways, both personally and professionally, and some of the most innovative people of our time constantly learn new skills and expand their knowledge. On the personal front, there is an intrinsic motivation to continually better yourself. By giving in to this desire, you can kick start a cycle of eternal self-improvement.