Business experience in the past few years has clearly shown that outsourcing non-core activities is a profitable decision to make for any company. In this context, outsourcing recruitment, human resources management and payroll services can help your teams focus more on core activities, which will enable you to save time and run more cost-efficient operations.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, it is estimated that 300,000 positions are outsourced globally every year. According to insight by Deloitte, businesses share a positive sentiment about outsourcing. Some 78% of one Deloitte survey respondents said they feel optimistic about outsourcing relationships with other companies. Deloitte also found that 59% of businesses use outsourcing to reduce their expenses, 57% of companies outsource to focus on their core business, 47% outsource to overcome capacity issues.

In addition to human resources activities, we offer IT services outsourcing possibilities too, with import and export features with your existing, native software. Backed by strong IT professionals, we offer website development services, too, to help you absorb many of your employee-related administration so you can focus on business decisions and core operations.

RecruitGiant may be an external party to your processes. However, we have the expertise to assess your requirements before we start looking for the right candidate for you. Once we have fully understood the employer’s needs, we can map the candidate’s skill set, experience, and requirements to ensure the perfect match for you. Our commitment to utilising our specialist knowledge in supporting you towards your success is what sets RecruitGiant apart.